To identify the problems and problems of the health sector in soran, the Youth Council of The Leader organized a number of experts in the field of dialogue, in which a number of proposals were made to improve the situation of the Spector.


This is the ninth dialogue of the Soran Youth Council, which was held online on 22-5-2021, where the health sector, the situation and the ability of hospitals in Soran were discussed with the presence of Dr. Karwan Sherzad, director of the Khalifan Hospital Guard, a number of university students and council members.


Participants in the dialogue thought that the number of necessary medicines in hospitals and the complaints of citizens about the number of specialist doctors, care and service are among the most important problems and problems of the health sector in the region.


The Soran Youth Council is one of the councils that consists of 15 boys and 15 girls from volunteer activists in the area, and the Peace and Freedom Organisation oversees them, aiming to carry out volunteer activities and to introduce more young people's abilities.