After serious attempts and work for months, the Shekhan Youth Council of Volunteers was able to accomplish a few small projects according to the allocated budget.


These projects include the rehabilitation and Buy supplies for five schools in different areas in Sheikhan district, which are (Gomel Primary School in Kalkchi sub-district, Qasrouk Primary School in Qasrok sub-district, NogaSh School in Meht , Buza School in Buza village  and beban School in beban village) Also, among these projects, two cultural centers were renovated and supplies were purchased for it  two , which are the Lash Cultural Center in the Sheikhka  and the Sheikhan Cultural Center, with the opening of a library inside the Sheikhan Cultural Center.


 These projects were completed on 27/5/2021 by the Shekhan Youth Leaders Council, under the supervision of the Peace and Freedom Organization (PFO) and financed by the Search Organization.