With the participation of members of all six councils (Soran, Semel, Rania, Shekhan, Chamchamal, Halabja) in the presence of the governor of Erbil, several other officials from the regions (Soran, Semel, Shekhan, Chamchamal, Halabja, Rania) held the second National Youth Forum of Kurdistan in Erbil on 30-31 May 2021.


On the first day of the forum, two panels were held, and on the first panel, the work and activities of all six councils were presented. And the second panel discussed the cooperation and support of government parties.


On the second day, the project of all six councils was presented. As a tribute to the efforts and tiredness of the members, they thanked the members of the youth council of the leader (Soran, Semel, Shekhan, Chamchamal, Halabja, Rania).


 Meanwhile, each council consists of 30 volunteer members working to improve their areas, supervised by the Peace and Freedom Organisation.