On the occasion of the first anniversary of the adoption of Security Council Resolution 2535Regional Coalition for Youth, Peace and Security in the Middle East and North Africa A discussion session on Resolution 2535 entitled “Protecting Civic Spaces as a Basis for Youth Participation in Decision-Making Processes” (from the theoretical side to the practical application).


It is noteworthy that Peace and Freedom Organization was one of the contributors to the Security Council's adoption of this important resolution, which recognizes that today's youth generation is the most numerous generation of young people in the history of the world, and that young people often constitute the majority of the population in countries affected by armed conflict, and recognizing the need for youth participation actively in shaping lasting peace and contributing to justice and reconciliation, and that the youthful population offers a unique demographic dividend that can contribute to lasting peace and economic prosperity if inclusive policies are pursued, and reaffirming the primary responsibility of governments and national authorities to define priorities, strategies and activities implemented to build, maintain, advance and direct peace.