On 26-12-2021 Peace and Freedom Organization (PFO) contributed in organizing conference to the evaluation of the recent Iraqi parliamentary elections, where the conference was held in Erbil by the People Aid Organization in partnership with the Coalition of local monitoring networks with the participation of a group of Iraqi civil society organizations working in the field of human rights and elections.
as well as representatives of the Prime Minister's and Council of the Iraqi Parliament and representatives of the Independent High Electoral Commission ,the workshop aims to evaluate the electoral process and Develop a report in this regard includes Recommendations to the concerned authorities to improve and develop the electoral process in Iraq, also praised the efforts made by the Independent High Commission in organizing the recent elections.
several topics were addressed and discussed including the legislative environment, the management of the electoral process, voter registration. quota of women and minorities, awareness and electoral education ... A series of recommendations have been written in this regard with the aim of sharing them with the relevant authorities.