Peace and Freedom launches its report on the new electoral law, where it focused on the foundations of the law and the prospects for its implementation in accordance with the Iraqi context.



The study investigates the push factors of violent extremism and addresses the approaches that have been taken to prevent it in KRI.

This research highlights the importance of the civic approaches to the prevention of violent extremism (PVE) and Civil Society Organizations should pay more attention on it.

Hence, Peace and Freedom Organization works to achieve this goal in Iraq and the Kurdistan region. This study is a part of a research project that is conducted by the Peace and Freedom Organization within the Iraqi Observatory for the Prevention of Violent Extremism (OPEV-Iraq) in partnership with the international NGOs Un Ponte Per (UPP) and International Institute for Nonviolent Action (NOVACT), funded by the Agencia Catalana de Cooperacio al Desenvolupament (ACCD) and by the Generalitat de Catalunya.





This report is intended to shed light on the sustainability of the Iraqi Civil Society Organizations in 2019. The report is part of the CIVIL SOCIETY ORGANIZATION SUSTAINABILITY INDEX for Middle East and North Africa Region, which is a project implemented by FHI 360. PFO prepared the report, then it was reviewed by an editorial committee from International Center For Not-For-Profit Law (ICNL)



Peace and Freedom has published a report with NPA the Norwegian org. in Kurdish, Arabic and English languages ​​under the title (Coronavirus pandemic challenge or opportunity for civil society organizations and freedom of expression in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region)


The report came as an assessment of the working environment of organizations and freedom of expression in the Coronavirus pandemic in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region.


 It also highlights the impact of the spread of the Coronavirus and how civil society works, in particular the opportunities and obstacles faced by organizations due to the spread of the virus.


Meanwhile, the report provides the necessary data and information on the state of freedom of expression and highlights violations against journalists, the media, and demonstrators.


The results of this assessment show that the spread of the Coronavirus had a negative impact on civil society organizations in terms of the type of services provided by the organizations to society.


 Click here to read the full version of the report, in PDF format and in English.