Work Condition and Workers Living under the Corona Era in Iraq and Kurdistan Region.

This effort is a part of supporting the rights of workers and the freedom of working of unions that implemented by Peace and Freedom Organization in cooperation with Norway People Aid Organization (NPA). This report is an assessment of the effects produced by the spread of the corona virus and prevention procedures on the living and the rights of the workers as well as the working of the trade unions on the level of Iraq and Kurdistan Region which the prominent effect was the loss of daily living income of the workers as a result of business, bazar and economic activities lock down. In addition to that, there have been various violations against the rights of the workers due to this circumstance. We can say that this assessment is basically part of the activities we have implemented as a response within the project. Because Iraq and Kurdistan Region have, to some extent, two different legal, political and economic realities, therefore; they have been dealt within this report differently and each has been viewed separately. Besides, the data and the information were available and collected about Iraq and Kurdistan Region were not the same, therefor; we have split our report into two parts, the first part is related to Iraq and the second one is specific to Kurdistan Region. The data and information that are relied on in this report, they’re firstly and directly taken from the related bodies through either face to face interview or online using communication means. Later, a short template of questionnaire was published online for the workers via social media. Finally, all the data, information, statements, decisions, notes and instructions related to this condition were published by the relative bodies, especially on the level of Kurdistan Region, have been used and they are all included in the appendix.